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Fahour said he would leave Australia Post in July following the announcement of his successor. Earlier this month, a Senate committee revealed Fahour's pay despite objections from Australia Post that new doctor home loan Oak Laurel making it public could damage the corporation's brand. His AU$4.4 million salary plus an AU$1.2 million bonus in the last fiscal year was more than 10 times the prime minister's salary of AU$507,000. By contrast, U.S. Postal Service Chief Executive and Postmaster General Megan Brennan's salary was $286,137 last year. Fahour said that Australia Post should not be compared to the loss-making U.S. Postal Service. "They are a letters company and, by the way, they lose $20 billion a year and have done so now for a number of years," Fahour said. "That's not the right comparison. We need to be compared to other parcels logistics companies, e-commerce companies and those companies are global," he said.